How much does it cost to REMOVE a raccoon, squirrel or skunk FROM YOUR TORONTO, PICKERING, MARKHAM, VAUGHAN OR BRAMPTON AREA HOME?

The Cost for Raccoon, Squirrel & Skunk removal is $295 for one entry hole or trap rental depending on the situation. 
If you're looking to protect your home long term, it's wise to have protective gates installed. You could spend $200 to $500 on installation of animal resistant gates to roof vents & weak spots on an average house.

Installation of Prevention Screening & One-Way Doors is the # 1 way for fast eviction & long term wildlife control.

Getting the best wildlife control service possible all starts with the inspection of the exterior for your house.​​
Even if you see the animal entry hole yourself, it's still a good idea for the wildlife inspector to check all sides of the house and even walk around on the roof to inspect the vents and roof intersections for more wildlife damage.



Skunk Removal in Toronto

Even if you've never been sprayed by a skunk, you probably know better than to attempt their removal on your own. While the odor of the spray is annoying enough, and angry skunk might even bite you if cornered, exposing you to the rabies virus. Don't take a chance. We offer affordable wildlife control in Toronto for skunk removal, enabling you to restore your property to a safe and comfortable environment. Our skunk removal services include:

•    Humanitarian skunk removal that is safe for both the skunks and humans 

•    Identification of access points 

•    Closing off access points to inhibit future skunk problems

Raccoon Removal in Toronto

Did you know that raccoons are one of the most destructive wildlife pests to create a nuisance in homes and businesses throughout Toronto? Their teeth and claws are extremely sharp, making them excellent tools for ripping away loose siding and tearing open screens. Plus, raccoons become aggressive whenever they feel threatened or if they believe their young are in danger. We offer affordable wildlife control in Toronto for raccoon removal, restoring the serenity and safety of your property. Our raccoon removal services include the following strategies:

•    Nonviolent raccoon removal 

•    Identification of the animal's entrance areas 

•    Closing up of all entry points to avoid future raccoon problems 

Affordable Removal & Control Services Toronto

Affordable wildlife control and removal is yours for the asking. Our team of experts has the equipment and knowledge required for professional wildlife control. They can remove pests in a humane manner and relocate them safely to a natural habitat where they can live comfortably. Whether you are searching for a long-term or a short-term solution, we are here to help through the use of one-way doors, live trapping, repellents, and prevention suggestions that can assist you in eliminating wildlife problems now and in the future.​​

Affordable Wildlife Control
wildlife control

Squirrel Removal in Toronto

Did you know that squirrels are one of the most common wildlife pests to create a nuisance in homes and businesses throughout Toronto? These small, furry mammals have the ability to use their teeth and claws to gain access into attics, crawlspaces, and outbuildings with little to no effort at all. If you have discovered this animal living in your home, we offer affordable wildlife control in Toronto for swift and painless squirrel removal. Our services include:

•    Safe and humane squirrel removal 

•    Identification of entry points 

•    Sealing of entry points to prevent future squirrel problems 



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​It's a jungle out there, and nuisance wildlife control in Toronto (the raccoon capitol) requires real pros you can trust.
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Why Should You Consider Hiring a Wildlife Control Services? 

  Most homeowners experience at least one pest infestation in their lifetime when mice, raccoons, squirrels, bats, possums, bees, or wasps decide to move into their home or yard and take up residence.

While it is true that wildlife and humans have learned to cohabitate peacefully over the years, it still isn't a safe or agreeable situation to have these pests living so close to your family. Some of these pests carry the rabies virus, and you risk getting it if the animal bites you. A wasp attack could also lead to a dangerous health situation.

How Do You Know That the wildlife Infestation Is Serious Enough for WILDLIFE CONTROL Services? 

Each of the following types of situations are clear indications that you need the services of an experienced wildlife control operator

  • Nests: An occasional appearance by a raccoon or a squirrel is nothing to worry about in most cases. However, if you notice that the animal is nesting in your yard or home, its presence could lead to damage to your property, particularly if it is building a nest for a litter of young in your attic or underneath your porch or deck. 

  •  Large numbers of wildlife: While you might be able to handle one or two animals in your home on your own, having a large number of them requires the services of a wildlife control company. Depending on the type of wildlife, a litter might produce between two to seven offspring on average. However, if you see a few or more of these animals running around, the infestation is probably more than you can handle on your own. Since young wildlife typically strike out on their own after a year, having a repeat occurrence year after year indicates that the problem has become a permanent one that needs professional wildlife control solutions. 

  • Destruction of your property: If you notice damage to your home or outbuildings that seems to be increasing in magnitude, you should take action to have the wildlife removed from your property. Squirrels, in particular, can be quite destructive since they need to constantly chew on something to keep their growing teeth from becoming too long. 

  • Unfamiliarity: If some kind of wildlife has moved into your home that you cannot identify, you should contact a wildlife removal service to eliminate its presence. You never know how dangerous a pest is unless you can identify it. Having wildlife resistant gates installed along with one-way gates to let the wildlife exit is the professional way to remove wildlife. 

 Potential for Allergic Reactions: If someone in your home experiences sensitivity to animal dander, it is important to eliminate the possibility of triggering an unwanted asthmatic attack. 

Risk of a Health Hazard: Allowing Raccoons, skunks, squirrels or bats to remain in your home or outbuildings year after year leads to a buildup of feces that contains dangerous bacteria. 

Affordable Prevention & Control

Even if your home or business is pest free, you might want to consider the benefits of choosing wildlife control and prevention services to keep your property safe from harm. Our trained experts can identify those areas of your home or business that pose a risk and close them up to prevent a wildlife invasion.
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Affordable Raccoon, Squirrel & Skunk Removal


Affordable Wildlife Control in Toronto - Squirrels, Skunks, and Raccoons

Finding Affordable Wildlife Control in Toronto, Ontario could be the answer you need if you have been dealing with unwanted wildlife visitors in your home or business. Squirrels, skunks, and raccoons can cause a lot of damage, particularly if they are left unattended for any length of time.

If you have a wildlife infestation, consider hiring professionals who are trained to deliver proven solutions for squirrel, skunk, and raccoon removal, relocation, and control for a swift return to peace and quiet. We safely remove these pests and close up their access points to prevent other animals from taking their place. If damage to your property has occurred, our seasoned experts can make repairs for you, while also cleaning up any evidence that a wildlife problem existed in the first place.

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